Women and Society: Nepal vs India

Nepal has already seen/done some of the things that are happening in India today Click here to read on the OpEd page of today’s TKP By Dinesh Wagle Following the latest happenings in Indian politics and society is a kind of déjà vu experience for many Nepali people. The upper house of the Indian parliamentContinue reading “Women and Society: Nepal vs India”

Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival

Teej songs, detailing dukkhas and sufferings, are being used to create political and social awareness By Kathryn Hohman In her 1988 article, feminist author Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak poses the rhetorical question, “can the subaltern speak?” In Nepal they sing. Each year married, unmarried and widowed women travel to their natal homes to take part inContinue reading “Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival”