Nepal Notebook: When corruption is part of the culture…

An inconvenient truth: Nepal has the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world. By Surendra Phuyal That question is asked by all in the Himalayan nation — everyone from international visitors, who have to deal with bribe-taking officials right at Kathmandu’s international airport, to the hapless citizens of thisContinue reading “Nepal Notebook: When corruption is part of the culture…”

Height of Lawlessness in Nepal

A few days ago a minister of state, Karima Begam, publicly slapped a senior government official in latter’s office for not sending a better car to pick her up at the airport. Today the Prime Minister directed the Home minister not to take action against the culprit. Prime Minister chooses to save his chair atContinue reading “Height of Lawlessness in Nepal”

Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies

At a time when some people are trying to create rift between the Madhesi and Pahadi (lowland-hills) communities in Nepal, we look at some exemplary personal stories and marital bond between folks from Madhes and Pahad. Sanjib Mishra and singer Nalina Chitrakar By Deepak Adhikari Sanjib Mishra, executive director of Urban Pixel had not setContinue reading “Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies”