Nepal’s Presidential Election: Victory of Anti-Maoist Forces

By Bishnu Pathak The 100-day marathon of uncertainty after the April 10 Constituent Assembly (CA) election finally ended on July 21, 2008 when Dr. Ram Baran Yadav of the NC-UML-MJF alliance won the run-off with 306 (52%) out of the 590 ballots cast. The Maoists candidate Ram Raja Prasad Singh was defeated with 282 (48%)Continue reading “Nepal’s Presidential Election: Victory of Anti-Maoist Forces”

The ‘politics of unity’ in the Democratic Republic of Nepal

The other view on RAM RAJA PRASAD SINGH vs GIRIJA PRASAD KOIRALA for the PRESIDENCY of Nepal By Kanchan Jha History is replete with instances of failure to facilitate the process of democracy. In all these instances, despite the introduction of democracy in Nepal, it became a living proof that the Shah dynasty was anContinue reading “The ‘politics of unity’ in the Democratic Republic of Nepal”