Nepal Army to Execute Maoist Guerrilla Integration Plan

Feels Tuesday’s historic pact addresses its concerns By Phanindra Dahal The Nepal Army (NA) has expressed its readiness to fully support the landmark deal signed by parties on Tuesday night on concluding the peace process, stating that its concerns have been addressed in the agreement that will see former Maoist combatants integrated into its ranks.Continue reading “Nepal Army to Execute Maoist Guerrilla Integration Plan”

Peaceful Nepal? Number of Armed Outfits ‘Goes Down Drastically’

SECURITY UPDATE By Anil Giri The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has claimed that the number of armed outfits operating across the country has significantly come down, thanks to the government’s operations against the groups that were launched nationwide one-and-a-half years ago. While there were 108 groups earlier, only 26 of them are active now.Continue reading “Peaceful Nepal? Number of Armed Outfits ‘Goes Down Drastically’”

Maoist Combatants, in Theory, are Now Under Nepal Government

There would be prohibition for conducting political training to the Maoist army personnel inside or outside the cantonments. The Special Committee overseeing the Maoist combatants on Thursday (yesterday) endorsed the directive related to the supervision, command and control, and code of conduct to be enforced on the Maoist army personnel living at the UN monitoredContinue reading “Maoist Combatants, in Theory, are Now Under Nepal Government”

UN Secretary General’s Observations on Nepal

Observations part of the UN Secretary-General’s Report presented at the Security Council 8 September 28. Nepal’s peace process remains stalled, with few signs of a consensual way forward. The major parties are preoccupied by profound internal fissures and the question of power-sharing. While the extension of the Constituent Assembly by one year averted a graveContinue reading “UN Secretary General’s Observations on Nepal”