Maoists Hand Over Keys of (Some, not All) Arms Containers to Nepal

This is a significant progress in the peace process since the former rebels signed a peace agreement with the government in 2006. Tasks ahead: re-grouping the Maoist combatants, integrate some in a new agency under Nepal army and send the rest to home with some money.   Baidya unhappy, America happy (below) Notwithstanding the reservationsContinue reading “Maoists Hand Over Keys of (Some, not All) Arms Containers to Nepal”

Statement of Concern by the Nepal Donor Community

Today: On behalf of the international donor community, the United States Agency for International Development is releasing the following statement: Statement of Concern by the Nepal Donor Community Regarding the Impact of the Continued Political Impasse The international donor community would like to communicate to Nepal’s political leaders our growing concern regarding the negative developmentContinue reading “Statement of Concern by the Nepal Donor Community”

Nepal: Peace and Justice (ICG Report)

UWB Note: The following is the International Crisis Group’s latest report on Nepali situation. ICG is one of the many (I)NGOs that flourish in crisis. Many of its recommendations are mechanical making readers think that those who prepared the report have deliberately overlooked the ground reality that is so complex and demands deep understanding amongContinue reading “Nepal: Peace and Justice (ICG Report)”

Ian Martin asks: Is Peace Process in Nepal Failing?

FIVE Fundamentals of Nepali Peace Process, according to Ian Martin: The first fundamental is the commitment to power-sharing and consensus. The second fundamental is the commitment of the Maoists to the transformation of their movement, to conform to democratic multi-party norms and to respect the rule of law. The third, the commitment to transformation inContinue reading “Ian Martin asks: Is Peace Process in Nepal Failing?”

Why Nepal is Divided Over the Sacking of Army Chief?

It’s not so important to ask why the Maoists are sacking the Army Chief as it is to ask why the other parties are apposing this so strongly. Three reasons: By Neil Horning In a democracy, the Army should not be a center of power in the slightest. It is supposed to carry out theContinue reading “Why Nepal is Divided Over the Sacking of Army Chief?”

The Recruitment that Threatens to Derail the Peace Process

For the record: Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) cantonments have started recruiting new soldiers apparently in response to the ongoing recruitment in Nepal Army (NA). Though the Maoist party itself has yet to officially comment on the recruitment, key political parties have come out strongly against the drive saying it violates past pacts, most notablyContinue reading “The Recruitment that Threatens to Derail the Peace Process”

And the Last Press Briefing by Ian Martin

Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal, addressed reporters at Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu today. Here is the Q and A, as provided by United Nations Mission in Nepal. Here is Ian’s last briefing to UNSC. Rishi [Dhamala, the Chair of the Club], Thank you very much indeed for inviting me to comeContinue reading “And the Last Press Briefing by Ian Martin”