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Ian Martin: Too Many Challenges Ahead for Nepal

Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal at a press conference at the Reporter’s Club, Kathmandu today. The following is the transcript provided by his office:

Introduction (in Nepali) by Rishi Dhamala, President of the Reporters’ Club.

Ian Martin: Thank you, Rishi. I could not understand your introduction, but you are usually over generous. And thank you for persisting in asking me to come again to the Reporters’ Club. I am sorry I wasn’t able to do so before I went to New York, but this is my first opportunity after returning from New York.

I briefed the Security Council in New York last Thursday. You will, I hope, have seen the report of the Secretary-General to the Security Council in which we described the holding and the outcome of the Constituent Assembly election. But my emphasis when I briefed the Council last week was not so much on the achievement of the Constituent Assembly election, which the Security Council warmly welcomed, but on the very considerable challenges that still lie ahead for Nepal. Of course, those challenges include the negotiations that are going on right now to try to find a basis for forming a new government. But there are much more profound challenges ahead for the newly elected Constituent Assembly when it begins meeting tomorrow. Continue reading Ian Martin: Too Many Challenges Ahead for Nepal

Nepal Peace Process Update: UN Delays Everything

So, if you haven’t forgotten, we are still going through the peace process. There are no big headlines as the series of signing one ‘historical’ understanding after another seems to have ended for now. The involvement of United Nations is what we are all waiting for. And that’s taking time. UN, we know, is bureaucratic monster sluggishness in its involvement in Nepali peace process is threatening the prospect of holding Constituent Assembly election on time. After pressure from the Maoist side, Nepali Congress is now mulling alternative arms management until UN makes itself ready to take the charge. Here are news reports about the process from the past few days: Continue reading Nepal Peace Process Update: UN Delays Everything