A Brief History of Lipulek Deals: India and China Agree, Nepal Protests

The Indian projection of Nepal as a recipient of unflinching support from and an ardent ally of China is not just incorrect but also exposes India’s fear of China. This article shows Nepal has made it clear, whenever it could, to the Chinese that it does not agree with the Sino-Indian deals on Lipulek. AContinue reading “A Brief History of Lipulek Deals: India and China Agree, Nepal Protests”

Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad

Ambassadors are the most visible faces of Indian diplomacy in Nepal and they are not always thought to be pursuing diplomacy. Some, like the current ambassador Jayant Prasad’s immediate predecessor Rakesh Sood, was widely believed to be one of the worst examples of Indian intervention and failed diplomacy in Nepal. While in India (or in theirContinue reading “Tracking the Indian Ambassador in Nepal: Jayant Prasad”

Nepal-India Relations: Open Secret Diplomacy

By Bishnu Pathak, PhD Setting: The United Maoist-led Government resigned as of May 4, 2009 and its resignation has been accepted. Almost three weeks back, the senior UML leader, Madhav Kumar Nepal, who failed to win people’s trust in two constituencies he challenged in the last Constituent Assembly (CA) election, was unanimously elected as theContinue reading “Nepal-India Relations: Open Secret Diplomacy”