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  • Rising Naxal Insurgency. Challenge for Rising India

    DW’s article on India’s Naxal war for Kantipur भारतको ‘नक्सली’ युद्ध Why can’t those who can bring peace (or create war!) in other countries do the same in their own society? By Dinesh Wagle Do you know what the update was from India’s commercial capital a day after the ghastly Maoist attack in Dantewada district […]

  • India’s Maoist War

    Instead of eradicating poverty, the current Indian establishment has, it seems, decided to eradicate the poor from society. (pic source) By Dinesh Wagle This article was first published in today’s Kathmandu Post. Here’s the PDF version of the page. Things are happening so late in India. This I say from the Nepali perspective. The dominating […]