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Message from Mumbai: plight of Nepali cancer patients

It is pathetic to see poor Nepalese cancer patients and their caretakers stationed at footpaths, dinning at hand cart and unable to attend natures call on time due to unavailable spots.

By Dr. Suryabahadur Singh

The Tata Cancer Hospital Mumbai (Tata Memorial Center) is one of the reputed medical centres for the treatment and research of Cancer in the world that serves people from all over the world. The hospital has produced a large chunk of trained oncologists, radiologists, and other Para-medical staffs. These medico specialists were trained from all major under developed and developing Asian countries including Nepal.

In the background of this, we will analyze the plight of Nepali Cancer patients in Mumbai. The plethora of problems starts with Nepalese patients those who cannot afford the costly treatment by categorizing them as foreign national patients at the hospital. The majority of sufferers are middle class and poor families, who hail from far flung areas with no support from the locally residing Nepalese in Mumbai or own resources. Continue reading Message from Mumbai: plight of Nepali cancer patients

My Name Is Opportunity

my name is khan
My Name is Opportunity. Click to enlarge.

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

This article, written on Friday morning, was published on today’s Kathanndu Post. Correction: Mumbai attack happened in 2008, not in 09 as mistakenly mentioned in the article

There are not many similarities between Ajmal Kasab and Bal Thackeray. The former is the lone survivor of the 26/11/08 Mumbai attack who took part in a carnage that killed dozens of innocent citizens. The latter is a fascist political leader of Maharashtra, of which Mumbai is the capital, who has been doing hate politics for the past 50 years. Both, in their own ways, are serious threats to peace and harmony in Indian society. There could be other similarities too, but a major difference between the two is also a major headache for India.

While Kasab is inside the heavily fortified Arthur Road jail and faces trial in court, Thackeray is in his Matoshree house that is well protected by government police and issues threats to luminaries of India. A top police officer of Mumbai remarked on Thursday evening that it was easier to deal with the underworld than with politicians like Thackeray, his son Uddav and nephew Raj. You can easily kill a terrorist, an underworld don or his agent in some encounters or meticulously planned intelligence operations that can involve rival underworld dons and the busy streets of a foreign capital. But to get rid of a virus like Thackeray is not an easy job. Continue reading My Name Is Opportunity