How to Write about Nepal?

A take on how the western media generally projects/covers Nepal By Deepak Adhikari This blog entry is inspired by two Granta pieces: How to Write about Africa and How to Write about Pakistan: Start your piece with “Nepal is a Himalayan country sandwiched between two Asian giants…” Also add that Nepal is ‘tiny’, even thoughContinue reading “How to Write about Nepal?”

Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit and Kathmandu in New York Times and Time

Sunrise on Poon Hill, with a view of 26,795-foot Dhaulagiri. Pic: Ethan-Todras Whitehill for NYT By Dinesh Wagle The New York Times and Time magazine are working closely, so to speak, to cover Nepal in the past couple of weeks. First came Jim Yardley, former Beijing bureau chief of the Times now posted in NewContinue reading “Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit and Kathmandu in New York Times and Time”

Reading Nepal in American Media

Nepal coverage in US media is encouraging By Dinesh Wagle, New York Wagle Street Journal, American Edition Manish Swarup/Associated Press via The New York Times Head of the wonderful American family that is hosting me in this alien land of New Jersey, half an hour drive from downtown New York City, was pleasantly surprised byContinue reading “Reading Nepal in American Media”