Meghalaya, India: Marriage is Not a Private Affair

Patriarchal and Hindu Nepali migrant coalminers marry matriarchal and Christian Khasi indigenous women in India’s Meghalaya state. Read on to find out what happens By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Kul Bahadur Magar, his wife Deng and their children. Marriages, history shows us, are often tactical arrangements between rulers to expand empires, strengthen political alliances,Continue reading “Meghalaya, India: Marriage is Not a Private Affair”

Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies

At a time when some people are trying to create rift between the Madhesi and Pahadi (lowland-hills) communities in Nepal, we look at some exemplary personal stories and marital bond between folks from Madhes and Pahad. Sanjib Mishra and singer Nalina Chitrakar By Deepak Adhikari Sanjib Mishra, executive director of Urban Pixel had not setContinue reading “Unifying Nepal via Marriage: Pahade Wives and Madhesi Hubbies”