American Cablegate: CRUNCH TIME IN NEPAL?

Reference ID: 06KATHMANDU2587 Created: 2006-09-22 11:11 Released: 2011-03-15 00:12 Classification: SECRET//NOFORN Origin: Embassy Kathmandu S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 02 KATHMANDU 001197 SIPDIS NOFORN SIPDIS E.O. 12958: DECL: 06/18/2017 TAGS: PREL PGOV PTER KDEM MARR IN NP SUBJECT: NEPAL: INDIAN OFFICIALS TAKE TOUGHER STAND ON MAOISTS REF: KATHMANDU 1112 Classified By:Continue reading “American Cablegate: CRUNCH TIME IN NEPAL?”

Meaning Behind the Mask

By Dinesh Wagle I lost my confidence in my nasal hairs last month. I wonder how my former science teacher would react to this news. Buddha Pramod Rai had full faith in his nasal hairs. While teaching science at Adarsha Janapremi High School in Bhaktapur in the 90s he used speak confidently about their capabilities.Continue reading “Meaning Behind the Mask”

Bryan Adams in Nepal: Perspective of a Nepali Youth

A brilliant piece on the rockstar’s tour to Nepal. by Ushaft The attendants of the at Dasarath Rangashala last week expected no more understanding from the cynics among us than what we are already known to be capable of. The performer hasn’t been known to be an active promoter of drugs like many other rockstarsContinue reading “Bryan Adams in Nepal: Perspective of a Nepali Youth”

Bryan Adams in Kathmandu: What Does That Mean to Nepal

[This article first appeared on Sunday’s (feb 20) Kathmandu Post. Bryan Adams performed in Kathmandu’s Dasharath Stadium on Saturday.] By Dinesh Wagle Pic by Narendra Shrestha KATHMANDU: Were things better here, Bryan Adams’ arrival wouldn’t be such a big deal. Over the past two decades or so Nepali society has opened up to the outsideContinue reading “Bryan Adams in Kathmandu: What Does That Mean to Nepal”

Reasons to Come Home

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal I came back to Kathmandu last week after completing my two year tenure in Delhi. “Welcome back to darkness,” some of my friends said. Load shedding is not a new phenomenon in Kathmandu. But the continued and unacceptably long hours of power cuts have fueled further frustration. Not toContinue reading “Reasons to Come Home”

American Embassy on Wikileaks Cablegate and Nepal

As we are awaiting the disclosure of 2278 cables from the US mission in Kathmandu by Wikileaks the American Ambassador to Nepal Scott H. DeLisi issued a statement today “on the Release of Classified State Department Documents.” Here’s the full text as provided by the US embassy in Kathmandu: President Obama and Secretary of StateContinue reading “American Embassy on Wikileaks Cablegate and Nepal”

Kathmandu Connection: Complaints and Compliments

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Soon after Tihar celebrations were over in Kathmandu last week I was in Thamel with a colleague who was leaving the newspaper for good. As he took his bike to a nearby parking lot I stood a few metres away from the entrance of the Roadhouse Café. I startedContinue reading “Kathmandu Connection: Complaints and Compliments”