Tales of a Highway Driver in Karnali

Previous articles from Karnali ………… By Dinesh Wagle in Karnali Highway Wagle Street Journal Pics by Wagle [This story appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post. Nepali version of the same appeared in today’s Koseli, Kantipur. Here is a journal from Dinesh Wagle’s previous journey in Karnali Highway: The Karnali Express: Bumping on for 52 Hours (JumlaContinue reading “Tales of a Highway Driver in Karnali”

A Different Alchemist: Himalayan Yarns of Nepali Shepherds

ब्लगमान्डू!: एसएलसी फेल, विहे पास Conversation with young shepherds in a rural Nepali village. Topics: education, aspirations, flirting with girls and the marriage to produce more children for grazing oxen and sheep! Unlike the shepherd in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, 18-year-old Padam Bahadur Rawal who has given up all hope of passing the School Leaving CertificateContinue reading “A Different Alchemist: Himalayan Yarns of Nepali Shepherds”

Remote Nepal Speaks: Young Voice of Karnali

A political discourse with the students of Karnali Technical Institute in Jumla, one of the most remote districts in Nepal “We need the President in Nepal. Tomorrow Karnali might give birth to a child with the capacity to become the President of the country. That’s why the top post of the country should not beContinue reading “Remote Nepal Speaks: Young Voice of Karnali”

Up to Rara Lake with Dohori Dhun All the Way

A musical journey to the biggest lake of Nepal in remote Mugu district with the trail filled with flowers of all kinds and the air reverberated with local folk tunes With jeans tugged into their socks and eyes as red as ripe tomatoes, the boys were Jug Bahadur Bhandari, 15 (left), and Prakash Bhandari, 13.Continue reading “Up to Rara Lake with Dohori Dhun All the Way”

A Radio Report From Jumla: Information Revolution

A small FM radio station, powered by unreliable electricity and run by a dozen staffs who face daily challenge of providing balanced news, has brought information revolution in one of the most remote parts of Nepal. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Staffs of Radio Karnali FM 105 timko 2 MHz in their office buildingContinue reading “A Radio Report From Jumla: Information Revolution”

In A Nepali Village of Daura Suruwal, Young Generation Wants Jeans

Nanda Bahadur Shahi, 53, of Sinja, Jumla inspects his Daura Suruwal as his 4-year-old grandson Joban, clad in ‘modern’ outfits looks on. All pics by Wagle By Dinesh Wagle SINJA (Jumla)– The residents of this beautiful village have worn daura suruwal for decades. But hello, this traditional Nepali outfit covers only the bodies of theContinue reading “In A Nepali Village of Daura Suruwal, Young Generation Wants Jeans”