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  • Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai’s India Trip

    Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai’s India Trip

    By Akhilesh Upadhyay in the Kathmandu Post OCT 20 – No visit by a Nepali Prime Minister to New Delhi has generated as much attention as that of Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s in September 2008. There was a good reason. His party CPN (Maoist), underground only until two years ago, had thumped traditional powerhouses […]

  • Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and Nepal’s Free Media

    These are not very good times for the relationship between the Nepali media industry and the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. They are at loggerheads, most recently, over a statement issued by the embassy on 27th blaming “certain print and television media” reporting “against products manufactured by Indian Joint Ventures in Nepal.” Past allegations of this […]

  • Shyam Saran, Indian envoy, Comes to Nepal to tell our Leaders how to form a Government

    हामी लघूमानव हौं। हामी आफूखुशी कहिल्यै मिल्न नसक्ने कसैले मिलाइदिनुपर्ने, हामी आफुखुशी कहिल्यै छुट्टिन नसक्ने कसैले छुट्टायाई दिनुपर्ने, हामी आफू खुसी कहिल्यै अगाडि बढ्न नसक्ने कसैले पछाडिबाट हिर्काउनुपर्ने, हिँडाउनुपर्ने हामी रङ्ग-रोगन छुटेका, टुटेका, फुटेका पुरानो क्यारमबोर्डका गोटि हौं एउटा मानोरञ्जक खेलका सामाग्री, एउटा खेलाडीमाथि आश्रित, आफ्नो गति हराएका एउटा ‘स्ट्राइकर’ द्वारा सञ्चालित हो, हामी मानिस […]

  • An Indian ambassador remembers GP Koirala

    Professor Bimal Prasad recalls his days in Kathmandu as India’s ambassador to Nepal when GPK was the Prime Minister. By Dinesh Wagle Bimal Prasad, in a way, is the first ‘official’ Indian to observe very closely the transformation of Girija Prasad Koirala from a leader on the street to the prime minister of a majority […]

  • Struggling For Nepal’s True Sovereignty

    India wanted to establish Nepal as a dependent state since it had ousted the British colonial regime. It did not want Nepal to have independent foreign relations. In 1975, the late King Birendra had proposed Nepal to be recognized internationally as a “zone of peace” which had received by 1990, support of 112 countries, including […]

  • Message from Mumbai: plight of Nepali cancer patients

    It is pathetic to see poor Nepalese cancer patients and their caretakers stationed at footpaths, dinning at hand cart and unable to attend natures call on time due to unavailable spots. By Dr. Suryabahadur Singh The Tata Cancer Hospital Mumbai (Tata Memorial Center) is one of the reputed medical centres for the treatment and research […]

  • Shyam Saran, Nepal expert, Quits Indian PMO

    Saran’s exit marks the departure of the last Indian player in the Indian establishment who was behind the ground-breaking 12-point agreement that initiated the process of ending conflict in Nepal By Dinesh Wagle in New Delhi The Wagle Notes Shyam Saran, former ambassador to Nepal and the man who once played a crucial role in […]