Rights and Wrongs. Two Photos, Two Stories. Justice and Injustice. Nepal

Two powerful images were splashed on the front pages of Nepali newspapers over the past week. Lets start with the most recent one- that of the former Maoist combatants- smiling to cameras, holding and kissing their kids with their wives by their side- who have been integrated into the Nepali army as officers. A reporterContinue reading “Rights and Wrongs. Two Photos, Two Stories. Justice and Injustice. Nepal”

Nepal: Peace and Justice (ICG Report)

UWB Note: The following is the International Crisis Group’s latest report on Nepali situation. ICG is one of the many (I)NGOs that flourish in crisis. Many of its recommendations are mechanical making readers think that those who prepared the report have deliberately overlooked the ground reality that is so complex and demands deep understanding amongContinue reading “Nepal: Peace and Justice (ICG Report)”