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A Different Alchemist: Himalayan Yarns of Nepali Shepherds

ब्लगमान्डू!: एसएलसी फेल, विहे पास

Conversation with young shepherds in a rural Nepali village. Topics: education, aspirations, flirting with girls and the marriage to produce more children for grazing oxen and sheep!

Unlike the shepherd in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, 18-year-old Padam Bahadur Rawal who has given up all hope of passing the School Leaving Certificate exams plans to spend the rest of his life with the woolly animals (22 pics inside)

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

Rara (Mugu): Padam Bahadur Rawal is fighting with the clouds of smoke in a hut while about four hundred sheep with their shrunken faces in the drizzling rain are gnawing outside. A few other shepherds who have assembled here to avoid the rain plan to take their animals to the jungle as soon as the rain stops. The beans boiling in a small pot in the fire will be consumed by the shepherds as dinner. Welcome to the hovel situated just above the village of Jhyari nearby the Rara Lake. Continue reading A Different Alchemist: Himalayan Yarns of Nepali Shepherds