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  • UWB in USA: Mr. Blogger Goes to Washington

    [Update: Read Dinesh Wagle’s American Journey here.] UWB Note: Nepali blogging in UCLA. See this page. After being invited by the U.S. government, UWB blogger Dinesh Wagle will go to America tomorrow in a three-week-long sponsored trip By Dinesh Wagle “Dear Mr. Wagle,” reads the letter signed by James F. Moriarty, the American ambassador in […]

  • An Updated Report Of A Nepali Reporter

    Birthday Blog. A reporter on his job in a changing political scenario of the country. By Dinesh Wagle “Are you pessimistic?” was one of her many questions that particularly put me in defensive position. “No, I am not,” was my instant reply. “I am not pessimistic at all.” Then I started explaining to the Japanese […]