Kathmandu’s (and Nepal’s) Tribhuvan: One of the World’s Most Hated Airports (!)

We agree with CNNgo’s assessment. We also agree with what they have said at the end of their note on Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan: Never mind. The city’s markets and surrounding mountains are lovely. These photos, taken on 11 Nov, are the evidence. Pics by Dinesh Wagle [More photos at the end of this post] CNNgo recently putContinue reading “Kathmandu’s (and Nepal’s) Tribhuvan: One of the World’s Most Hated Airports (!)”

New and Old India

By Dinesh Wagle Old India trudges through waterlogged roads; new India flies. This is because Indian democracy is dictated by the flourishing middle class, according to a professor. The eagerly awaited monsoon arrived last week in Delhi bringing great relief to the residents. The temperature dropped by as much as 10 degrees celsius to 30.Continue reading “New and Old India”

Democracy And Jumbo Jets [From Bangkok Under Seize]

By Paul Reitman, expat from Nepal, stuck in Bangkok [The Nepali version of this article, written two days ago, appeared in today’s Kantipur Daily] Of late, there seems to be a growing relationship between democracy and jumbo jets, although there has always been some connection ever since Jumbos first took to the air. In recentContinue reading “Democracy And Jumbo Jets [From Bangkok Under Seize]”