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Nepal Govt Advised Not to Allow India Deploy Sky Marshals

‘Indian ploy to legitimize what they have been doing informally for the past 10 years’

By Saroj Raj Adhikari

The secretariat of Nepal’s Security Council has advised the government not to allow India put sky marshals in their planes flying out from Kathmandu. The secretariat that takes stock of security issues before providing any advise to the Cabinet recommended against deploying sky marshals on Wednesday (January 27). to the Prime Minister’s Office, Defense Ministry and Home Ministry. According to a source at the PMO, the secretariat suggested that allowing India deploy sky marshals could have lasting impact on issues related to nationalism. The secretariat had termed the Indian proposal ‘interventionist approach’ on the eve of Prime Minister’s visit to India a few months ago. Continue reading Nepal Govt Advised Not to Allow India Deploy Sky Marshals

‘India Already Has Sky Marshals in Nepal-Bound Planes’

New Delhi’s pressure to allow sky marshals on Indian planes flying out from Kathmandu has put Nepali government agencies in a dilemma. Foreign and Home Ministry officials held consultations with their colleagues in the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) before Indian External Affairs Minister S. M. Krishna’s visit to Nepal in mid-January and Home Minister Bhim Rawal’s India visit last week, according to TKP. As Nepal is a party to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), MoTCA officials say, armed foreign nationals should hand over their weapons to Nepali security when they get off the plane as per Standard Operating Procedures. The Indian side has proposed that Indian air marshals will remain inside the plane at all times. “They will be deployed in plainclothes,” said a senior Nepal government official.  “The Home and Foreign ministries have received feedback from the Tourism Ministry that Nepal could allow the air marshals. However, the Ministry of Home should make a call on such a big decision,” said the official. Continue reading ‘India Already Has Sky Marshals in Nepal-Bound Planes’

India Again Presses Nepal on Sky Marshals in Airplanes. This Time With a Veiled Threat

If Indians do not trust Nepali security apparatus at the Kathmandu airport, they should stop flying to Nepal for the time being. Why should, after all, they take the risk?

India has once again asked Nepal to allow it to deploy sky-marshals in its airplanes flying out from Kathmandu. While the request is not new this time it comes with a veiled threat. India has conveyed to Nepal- at the highest levels- that it expects a “prompt and positive” response and could even be forced to take “unilateral action” in the eventuality of a hijack from Kathmandu, according to a report in today’s Indian Express, an Indian daily. The Indian government underlined this message, thinly veiled threat, to visiting Nepalese Home Minister Bhim Rawal during a meeting with Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram on last week (18 Jan), according to the Express. Rawal was also told about the Indian apprehension that jehadis could have crossed into Nepal via its porous land border and could be waiting for an opportunity to strike. [Now the question is: what was India doing while jehadis were crossing into Nepal via its land? It should be noted that terrorists didn’t come via Nepal to attack Mumbai on 26 November 2008.] Continue reading India Again Presses Nepal on Sky Marshals in Airplanes. This Time With a Veiled Threat