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The Despondent Citizens of Democratic Celebrations

The Editorial of The Kantipur National Daily as published on Feb 19,2008 ( Falgun 7,2064 B.S). Can be assessed in Nepali here

Today, Nepal celebrates its fifty-eighth Democracy Day. The Nepalese, ironically show no trace of happiness or enthusiasm for the occasion. And it is not because the people are against the democratic system. Rather the lack of concern and thoughtful action on the part of the democratic government is what has caused the most pain. The government itself has defamed democracy disrespecting The People’s Movement in 2062/63 B.S.

The Nepalese have been protesting for democracy before 2007 B.S (1950). But the people’s expectation of a dependable democratic (Loktantrik) ruling system could never be fulfilled. The Democratic Government celebrates fifty-eighth Democracy Day today. It suggests fifty-years of the establishment of democracy. The government, thereby, has included thirty years of Panchayati Rule and the rule by kings in between according to their whims and fancies as a continuation of democratic ruling system as well.

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