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Iron Man: Conversation With a Press Wallah

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal
[This article first appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post. Here is PDF version. Shorter version in Nepali appeared in today’s Kantipur.]

This is about this guy whom I have been seeing busy at his work all day, almost every day, since I came here to Jangpura Extension, one of south Delhi’s many residential complexes. He is there, right at the front of the building, on the side of the road that is attached to number B-19 whose third floor I live on. It’s been six months, and we have never talked. When leaving my apartment and returning, I see him busy at his work. Freezing cold? He is working. Scorching heat? He is busy. Every time I see him I can’t but appreciate his dedication to work. I am inspired. Look at this guy who is working so hard, standing and in harsh weather. How can you complain or possibly find difficulties in the comfort of a chair and air conditioner? How can you not complete the work that has been pending for a week? Continue reading Iron Man: Conversation With a Press Wallah

B 19, Jangpura Extension [New Delhi-110014, India]

The Kathmandu Post intro for the following story: Our New Delhi correspondent finds his bearings in a new city
[Here is the PDF version of the Op-Ed page of the Post dated 10 December where this article appeared after it was first published in Kantipur.]

I live in the third floor of the pink building on the left- Jangpura Extension

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

“B 19, Jangpura Extension,” I told the cabbie soon after landing at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi a month ago.

In 45 minutes we were in JE looking for the B block. Four minutes later, we were in B block looking for house number 19. And soon I was in front of the building whose third floor is rented by Kantipur Publications, the publisher of Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post, for their New Delhi Bureau office and residence for the bureau chief. As the cab came to halt, I stood in front of what would be my home for the next several months. Continue reading B 19, Jangpura Extension [New Delhi-110014, India]