Food in Kathmandu (and possibly all over Nepal): Almost Everything’s Contaminated

All Pics by Makar Shrestha Around 80 per cent of the total 4,113 samples of foodstuff randomly collected from factories and shops across the country failed food quality test in the last fiscal year, while 23 among the 29 categories were found contaminated, according to the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC). According toContinue reading “Food in Kathmandu (and possibly all over Nepal): Almost Everything’s Contaminated”

Bryan Adams in Nepal: Perspective of a Nepali Youth

A brilliant piece on the rockstar’s tour to Nepal. by Ushaft The attendants of the at Dasarath Rangashala last week expected no more understanding from the cynics among us than what we are already known to be capable of. The performer hasn’t been known to be an active promoter of drugs like many other rockstarsContinue reading “Bryan Adams in Nepal: Perspective of a Nepali Youth”

Kathmandu Connection: Complaints and Compliments

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Soon after Tihar celebrations were over in Kathmandu last week I was in Thamel with a colleague who was leaving the newspaper for good. As he took his bike to a nearby parking lot I stood a few metres away from the entrance of the Roadhouse Café. I startedContinue reading “Kathmandu Connection: Complaints and Compliments”

Talking About Revolution #Nepal

On the Maoist, French restaurateur of Kathmandu and Nepali leaders in Delhi By Dinesh Wagle News reports from Meghalaya are disheartening. Nepali migrant workers and Nepali-speaking Indians are being chased away from their homes and workplaces (coal mines) by the Khasis who are in a majority in the North-Eastern Indian state. Some Nepalis have beenContinue reading “Talking About Revolution #Nepal”

Politics of Religion and Conversion

By Dinesh Wagle A conference of Nepali and Indian ultra-Hindu rightists in Mumbai last week has decided to launch “a coordinated campaign to re-establish Nepal as a Hindu state”. Kamal Thapa, who sees his future in religion-based politics, participated. Thapa said the conference expressed concern over sinister plans being carried out in Nepal to wipeContinue reading “Politics of Religion and Conversion”

Nepal Scraps MRP (Machine Readable Passport) Print Deal with India

People Power Supreme, Sujata Resign History has shown time and again that Nepali people, not their leaders or the kings in old days, are the best protector and guardian of their country and national interest. One leader may come up once in a while with a price tag of Nepali nationality and pride and tryContinue reading “Nepal Scraps MRP (Machine Readable Passport) Print Deal with India”

An Indian ambassador remembers GP Koirala

Professor Bimal Prasad recalls his days in Kathmandu as India’s ambassador to Nepal when GPK was the Prime Minister. By Dinesh Wagle Bimal Prasad, in a way, is the first ‘official’ Indian to observe very closely the transformation of Girija Prasad Koirala from a leader on the street to the prime minister of a majorityContinue reading “An Indian ambassador remembers GP Koirala”