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  • Pictures show how Nepal is coping with the inhumane blockade by India

    Pictures show how Nepal is coping with the inhumane blockade by India

    – by team The Indian blockade of Nepal (#IndiaBlockadesNepal) has been running for over three months now. Being landlocked, most of Nepal’s imports come via India. Although international laws provide landlocked countries the right to unrestricted passage to the sea, India has been unquestioned by the international community on the way it is putting […]

  • #NepalEarthquake: Notes from the field: We shall rebuild

    Dr Swarnim Wagl√© I was in Gorkha and Dhading this week, in a personal capacity, assessing the loss and distributing relief materials sponsored by the Help Nepal Network (400 sacks of rice), FNCCI (assortment of medicines, mats, rice) and Leapfrog (transport). With nine hours of sleep in three days, I visited or passed by 25 […]

  • Nepal Earthquake: How can private businesses provide help?

    Ashutosh Tiwari How can private businesses — which provide jobs and taxes, and goods and services that people need and pay for — provide help? (Please use these points ONLY as broad suggestions. Obviously, each business has its own context, limited resources, and limited capabilities to do what it can for its employees, customers, investors […]

  • Nepal Earthquake: Gentle note to the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph

    Dr Swarnim Wagle Yesterday, it asserted in the first line of an article that one political party had announced all quake-related donations MUST go to ITS fund. Today, it has a different version online. After misleading thousands of readers with a lie for a whole day, I think the polite thing to do (and a […]

  • Nepal Earthquake: Important for NGOs and voluntary groups

    Kanak Mani Dixit The Social Welfare Council (SWC) and its parent ministry have taken a decision that for earthquake relief purposes NGOs do NOT need prior SWC approval as has been the rule for receiving foreign funds. I double-checked with the officials, that the procedure for now is this – for receiving funds for relief […]

  • What is the PM’s Disaster Relief Fund and What it is Not?

    Swarnim Wagle¬† I have been swamped with queries on what the recent Central Bank directive on transfer of funds AFTER the April 25 earthquake means. **I share your concerns.** But it only affects bank accounts that were opened in the last 6 days under the direct subject of “quake relief.” People, agencies, NGOs, donors with […]