Home Thoughts from Abroad: Talking About Nepal Sickness

By Suvecha Pant Saturday Blog In between two seas in where I am Not here not there Just in the middle I look out of my window on this chilly May and think to myself â??what am I doing here?â??. But then I look back into the room and the books spread around me stopContinue reading “Home Thoughts from Abroad: Talking About Nepal Sickness”

Body, Mind & Soul

Are you a truth seeker or merely schizophrenic? Here is some talks for those who have time and patience. Saturday Blog By Leelaraj Khatiwada The present world is full of barriers to a truth seeker, the world runs on enormous paradoxes and controversies; this elemental jargon makes a truth seeker confused. Remember it may disturbContinue reading “Body, Mind & Soul”

Nepal Chintan: All We Need is a Good Leadership

Nepal Chintan: Who should lead our country? By Suvecha The country is in a very sensitive situation. The once peaceful Nepal is one of the most conflict driven countries in the South Asian region. Democracy has been chucked out the door. And – right now there is no one the people can look to forContinue reading “Nepal Chintan: All We Need is a Good Leadership”

Yaha Hune Lai Tyaha Chaina, Tyaha Hune Lai….

Excerpt from the personal diary of a Nepali girl in the United States By Blogbahini Today on campus sun is generous and smiling; so students are letting their exhausted selves take a hippopotamus-dip in the sun and are replenishing their dehydrated bodies with lemonade. Finals week is a disaster; rummaging through scattered papers or gettingContinue reading “Yaha Hune Lai Tyaha Chaina, Tyaha Hune Lai….”