Beard (Daari), What a Lively Thing U R!

By Dinesh Wagle on November 20th, 2004 in Wagle Monologues beard (noun) hair growing on a chin and lower cheeks of a man’s face: a week’s growth of beard. a false/grey/bushy/long/white beard. Thus defines the Oxford dictionary the word beard. We in Nepali call daari to what they call beard in English. Therefore, the hairContinue reading “Beard (Daari), What a Lively Thing U R!”

Unprecedented Footage in a Nepal TV: Network dropped off the Cable

Nepalese satellite channel surfers went through an extraordinary television experience yesterday (Tuesday, Nov 16) when a New Delhi based Nepali language network aired shocking footage of deadly fighting between Royal Nepalese Army and Maoist guerillas. The video taken by a local journalist depicted armed guerillas, mostly young, in victorious mood after their fierce and four-hourContinue reading “Unprecedented Footage in a Nepal TV: Network dropped off the Cable”

Kathmandu In Festive Mood. And, Patent for BBC Nepali’s voice.

The recently launched BBC 103 FM in Kathmandu has definitely changed my radio habit. Before I was a TV worm, always pressing the remote control and surfing those 40 something satellite channels available on my cable network. In a normal day, I would be in front of that idiot box until 2 AM. Not anymore.Continue reading “Kathmandu In Festive Mood. And, Patent for BBC Nepali’s voice.”