Five Quick Questions to Anil Shah on “म नेपाली – हाम्रो नेपाल” event and the campaign

Ashutosh Tiwari asked 5 quick questions to Anil Shah, Facilitator of “म नेपाली – हाम्रो नेपाल” campaign: 1. What exactly is this event and this campaign, and why do you think this is important at this time in Nepal? ANIL SHAH: The event of Wednesday 4th February 2015 is the commencement of what we refer to as theContinue reading “Five Quick Questions to Anil Shah on “म नेपाली – हाम्रो नेपाल” event and the campaign”

#SecularPakistan: A long walk to unachieved freedom

Amara Shah UWB/ Guest Blog #SecularPakistan was a popular trend on Twitter yesterday. Just like other Twitter users, I tweeted my opinion under this hashtagand immediately got the response in shape of suggestions that either I should leave the citizenship of the country and go to India or shouldn’t raise my voice for secularism. Unfortunately, if you talkContinue reading “#SecularPakistan: A long walk to unachieved freedom”

Who is the ‘international community’ in Nepal?

As a sovereign country of Southasia, if we have to listen to international opinion, does not Nepal also need to heed the views/feelings of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Burma/Myanmar, or should we continue to go by the amorphous and selective use of ‘international community’? Kanak Mani Dixit Amidst the current jousting between Government ofContinue reading “Who is the ‘international community’ in Nepal?”