An Alternative Constitution for Nepal

While the CA, elected to draft and promulgate a constitution, failed to live by its self imposed deadline of 22 January to finalize the works on a new constitution, a growing political movement called BibekSheel Nepali just released its own version of Nepali Constitution — yesterday on ८ माघ (22 Jan).

Ashutosh Tiwari asked 5 quick questions to Ujwal Thapa, Chairperson of विवेकशील नेपाली BibekSheel Nepali, a political party.


1. Why do you feel the need to come up with your version of Nepali Constitution when those who were actually elected to do so have not?

  • To prove that constitution can be built if there is good intent and honesty involved.
  • To prove constitution can be built by diverse group of people from different walks of life without wasting billions and years fighting.
  •  To prove that Nepalis can come up with an alternate if the ones who are sent to do the work, don’t make one.
  • To make sure Nepali citizens have an option.

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