Kathmandu is Cruel to Animals

A starved donkey...
Very Hungry….a starved donkey in Nepalgunj.

Today I am taking a break from political blogging to highlight cruelty to animals in Nepal. By Siromani Dhungana/UWB

Whatever may be the rationale behind a cruel act, cruelty cannot be hailed. Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is cruel to animals. Stray dogs, cows, oxen and cats starve to death in this city where hundreds of thousands of humans struggle to make their ends meet. 

These unlucky animals are injured or killed in fights and there are dozens of hit and run cases by speeding vehicles leaving stray animals wounded and severely injured. The question is how long can this cruelty will continue in the capital city?

Recently, staunch animal rights activists duo Pramada Shah  and Lucia de Vries sent me an email including link to a YouTube video (below) in which Nepal Police personnel were involved in brutal killing of a dog. I was deeply shocked by seeing the video in which we can see that officers first shoot at the dog and then bludgeoned it to death with bamboo sticks- all in full view of the public. The incident, in Baluwatar, does not make us feel proud and civilized.

Brutality: On the Street

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