Tax Transparency: We Should Have a Good Debate

Siromani Dhungana UWB IMF working paper on ‘VAT Fraud and Evasion: What Do We Know and What Can be Done?’ says: Like any tax, the VAT is vulnerable to evasion and fraud. But its credit and refund mechanism does offer unique opportunities for abuse… After introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) revenue in 1997, Nepal’sContinue reading “Tax Transparency: We Should Have a Good Debate”

Political Stagnation and Maoists

In textbook of science in high school, we used to read the scientific definition of ‘work’: using a force to move an object to a certain distance. Or, using force is not enough to define work. It seems our leaders have been putting excessive force but no progress in distance front. Their efforts have failedContinue reading “Political Stagnation and Maoists”