Food in Kathmandu (and possibly all over Nepal): Almost Everything’s Contaminated

Trishuli Minerals and Beverage was selling 'mineral water' filtered thorough the filters that didn't exist. Check out the second 'filter' from the top

All Pics by Makar Shrestha

Around 80 per cent of the total 4,113 samples of foodstuff randomly collected from factories and shops across the country failed food quality test in the last fiscal year, while 23 among the 29 categories were found contaminated, according to the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC). According to a DFTQC report, government lab tests even showed presence of radioactive elements in samples of milk packets collected from the market. Products ranging from salt to pickles and chocolates to meat were found substandard and containing high quantity of inedible substances. Forty percent of the samples of refined milk contained harmful bacteria and pesticides, the report says. It further says that samples of “mineral water’ that is sold in jars contained 34 per cent bacteria and 27 percent harmful chemicals. “Seventy percent of the samples of meat products were not fit for consumption,” the report says.

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Tracking the Indian Ambassador to Nepal: Jayant Prasad-2

Nice shoe your excellency.

Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad with Nepali Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai
Nice Shoes Mr. Ambassador! Indian or Italian?: Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad, left, with Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai. BTW, check out a photo below for a meet between two Prime Ministers of Nepal and India when MKN was PM in Nepal. Unfortunately, no shoe show off ceremony will be noticed.

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SEP 13: Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai summoned Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad at his office and discussed the possibility of rescinding the Patna High Court verdict in which it slapped jail terms and fines on 11 senior Maoists leaders. “The PM inquired the envoy how the Indian government would manage to dismiss the conviction by a court,” PM’s Press Adviser Ram Rijan Yadav said. The PHC has slapped sentences varying from two years in jail to six years and fines ranging from IRs 375,000 to IRs 700,000 on Nepali Maoist leaders in absentia on the charges of indulging in activities against what it called ‘sovereignty of India and Nepal’. Continue reading Tracking the Indian Ambassador to Nepal: Jayant Prasad-2