Foreigner’s Eye: Encountered Nepal in the United States

By Denise A. Freeman [विदेशी आँखा- bideshi ankha- Foreigner’s Eye] Nepal is a country with its heart splayed-open. The massive deforestation, human and sex trafficking horrors, glue-sniffing street children and poverty are all hard to ignore. And with each problem or issue, there are hundreds of well-intentioned NGOs. Each with a mission to tabulate data,Continue reading “Foreigner’s Eye: Encountered Nepal in the United States”

Peaceful Nepal? Number of Armed Outfits ‘Goes Down Drastically’

SECURITY UPDATE By Anil Giri The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has claimed that the number of armed outfits operating across the country has significantly come down, thanks to the government’s operations against the groups that were launched nationwide one-and-a-half years ago. While there were 108 groups earlier, only 26 of them are active now.Continue reading “Peaceful Nepal? Number of Armed Outfits ‘Goes Down Drastically’”

Maoist PLA Integration: Latest Updates

1. The Party decides to end dual security to its leaders (removing Maoist PLA guerillas from some Maoist leaders’ security details. These leaders will continue to receive security from the government police/army) 2. Party hardliners are not happy with the Party decision. They table note of dissent. 3. The Party convenes a meeting where PLAContinue reading “Maoist PLA Integration: Latest Updates”