Sushil Koirala at the Helm of Nepali Congres: The Road Ahead

What does the strong showing of Sushil Koirala panel mean for the Nepali Congress and the broader national politics? By Akhilesh Upadhyay The much delayed Nepali Congress General Convention is finally done with. For now, the battle for succession is over. It is another Koirala. Acting President Sushil Koirala, 71, has consolidated his hold onContinue reading “Sushil Koirala at the Helm of Nepali Congres: The Road Ahead”

Gagan Thapa: Most Favoured in Nepali Congress

By Kamal Raj Sigdel Gagan Thapa means business. At a gathering of party colleagues and friends before the Nepali Congress General Assembly last week, the young Turk said he was confident of victory in the party’s central working committee (CWC), “The challenge for me is to garner the highest number of votes.” The votes wereContinue reading “Gagan Thapa: Most Favoured in Nepali Congress”

Nepali Congress General Convention Message: Unity Essential

By Anil Giri [List of winning candidates] For the record: With the final election results of the Nepali Congress on Monday (27 Sept) giving a verdict for a mixed composition of its 61-member new Central Working Committee (CWC) for a four-year term, maintaining ‘unity’ and working in tandem on national issues will be a seriousContinue reading “Nepali Congress General Convention Message: Unity Essential”