Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and Nepal’s Free Media

These are not very good times for the relationship between the Nepali media industry and the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. They are at loggerheads, most recently, over a statement issued by the embassy on 27th blaming “certain print and television media” reporting “against products manufactured by Indian Joint Ventures in Nepal.” Past allegations of thisContinue reading “Indian Embassy in Kathmandu and Nepal’s Free Media”

India, Universities and World Ambitions

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal All the chaos surrounding sloppy preparations for the Commonwealth Games to be held in New Delhi in October may give an impression that India has a long way to go to become a global power. One may cite the overflowing Yamuna running into residential areas of Delhi as aContinue reading “India, Universities and World Ambitions”

Men and Monkeys of New Delhi, India

Humans and monkeys struggle for space in the Indian capital By Dinesh Wagle It took me a week and three incidents to identify the culprit. I had kept a bucket of household waste just outside the main entrance of my third-floor apartment so that the collector could take it away. One recent afternoon, the collectorContinue reading “Men and Monkeys of New Delhi, India”

Promoting Nepal in India

Despite being so close and sharing a border there is an unimaginably high level of misunderstanding about THE HIGHEST DEMOCRACY in THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY…Nepal should do something to promote itself among Indians. By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal Many Nepalis living out of Nepal face one common challenge: how to effectively tell foreigners about theirContinue reading “Promoting Nepal in India”

Fourth Round Fails to Elect a Prime Minister

And a lawmaker says  he received threats from the Indian diplomatic mission in Kathmandu. Embassy refutes the claim. For the record: The fourth round of voting today in the parliament failed to elect a prime minister. Fifth round of voting is scheduled for Aug 18. Neither of the prime ministerial contenders—UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa KamalContinue reading “Fourth Round Fails to Elect a Prime Minister”

Shyam Saran, Indian envoy, Comes to Nepal to tell our Leaders how to form a Government

हामी लघूमानव हौं। हामी आफूखुशी कहिल्यै मिल्न नसक्ने कसैले मिलाइदिनुपर्ने, हामी आफुखुशी कहिल्यै छुट्टिन नसक्ने कसैले छुट्टायाई दिनुपर्ने, हामी आफू खुसी कहिल्यै अगाडि बढ्न नसक्ने कसैले पछाडिबाट हिर्काउनुपर्ने, हिँडाउनुपर्ने हामी रङ्ग-रोगन छुटेका, टुटेका, फुटेका पुरानो क्यारमबोर्डका गोटि हौं एउटा मानोरञ्जक खेलका सामाग्री, एउटा खेलाडीमाथि आश्रित, आफ्नो गति हराएका एउटा ‘स्ट्राइकर’ द्वारा सञ्चालित हो, हामी मानिसContinue reading “Shyam Saran, Indian envoy, Comes to Nepal to tell our Leaders how to form a Government”