Maoists at the Gates of Singhadurbar

Many people in Kathmandu who were affected by the traffic jam caused by the Maoists today expressed their anger in personal conversation and twitter even as ex-rebels sang, danced and recited poems while picketing at the front gate of the central administrative complex of Nepal.

Thousands of Maoist cadres reached in front of Singha Durbar (the central secretariat complex). Their leader, the chairman of the Unified CPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda) went later to encourage them. The Maoists are running the second phase of their protests aimed at establishing ‘civilian supremacy’ in the country. Others feel they are just trying to establish their own supermacy. The bad thing is they plan to do the same tomorrow (Friday) as well. Maoists intended to stop ministers and government employees from entering the office complex. But the ministers and secretaries entered Singhadurbar prior to the commencement of protest. Continue reading Maoists at the Gates of Singhadurbar