Ian Martin asks: Is Peace Process in Nepal Failing?

FIVE Fundamentals of Nepali Peace Process, according to Ian Martin: The first fundamental is the commitment to power-sharing and consensus. The second fundamental is the commitment of the Maoists to the transformation of their movement, to conform to democratic multi-party norms and to respect the rule of law. The third, the commitment to transformation inContinue reading “Ian Martin asks: Is Peace Process in Nepal Failing?”

Maoists Enforce Kathmandu Blockade

They want to establish ‘civilian supremacy’ in Nepal but they want to do that the cost of people’s right to live peacefully. The Maoists today began second phase of their agitation aimed at bringing down the current government by enforcing blockade in the Kathmandu valley. They have picketed at the entry-exit points in the KathmanduContinue reading “Maoists Enforce Kathmandu Blockade”