Another Maoist Agitation: People Will Suffer

Maoists have hit the streets from today aiming to topple the current government. They should have gone to the Constituent Assembly instead.

Sticking to their old demand that the presidential action over the sacking of the then army chief by the then Maoist-led government some four months ago be corrected, the Maoists have started today their ‘decisive’ agitation to bring down the Madhav Nepal-led government. This is clearly unfortunate not because the shaky coalition is at the helm putting the largest party in the Constituent Assembly, the Maoist, out of the government but because the Maoists are not honest to their demand and they are not fighting for the civilian supremacy as they tirelessly and consistently claim. Continue reading Another Maoist Agitation: People Will Suffer

India’s Maoist War

Indian Maoists Instead of eradicating poverty, the current Indian establishment has, it seems, decided to eradicate the poor from society. (pic source)

By Dinesh Wagle
This article was first published in today’s Kathmandu Post. Here’s the PDF version of the page.

Things are happening so late in India. This I say from the Nepali perspective. The dominating Indian political discourses in the past several days have been increasingly sounding like the ones we used to have at the beginning of the current decade. The government here has decided to combat the spreading Maoist insurgency putting the prospects of talks on the backburner, and the deliberations have been all about that. These debates, mainly taking place in the most influential, city-centric and English language media, are heavily tilted towards the hawkish government stand. “These terrorists,” shouted one network editor the other evening, “must be neutralized. How can a government talk with killers?” Continue reading India’s Maoist War