UN Says Nepali Peace Process Has More Challenges Ahead

The Constituent Assembly has faced repeated delays in drafting the new constitution. The delays have led to growing public speculation and concern that the May 2010 promulgation deadline will not be met. Report of the UN Secretary-General on the request of Nepal for United Nations assistance in support of its peace process I. Introduction 1.Continue reading “UN Says Nepali Peace Process Has More Challenges Ahead”

A Maoist Agricultural Center In Nepal

By Neil Horning On the way to Chorkate, Gorkha, about a 3 hour bus ride from the district headquarters, a conspicuous facility covered with red flags is noticeable by the roadside. Nammuna Agricultural Center is run by the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) as an agricultural cooperative, intended to teach agricultural skills and collectiveContinue reading “A Maoist Agricultural Center In Nepal”

China and India: Our Neighbors

A recent headline in a Hindi newspaper about alleged Chinese incursion into India (“Chini sena ne hamare logon ko peeta” or “Chinese soldiers beat our people”) reminded me of many similar Nepali headlines (Indian BSF, Border Security Force, men thrash Nepali youth). Somewhere in Jharkhand or Uttar Pradesh, India by Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street JournalContinue reading “China and India: Our Neighbors”