Prime Minister Prachanda Resigns

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ announced his resignation in a nationally broadcast TV address a while ago. With this the eight-month old Maoist rule has ended. This decision comes as a surprise to many while some have appreciated Dahal’s act as democratic. The Maoist party is the single largest in the Constituent Assembly thatContinue reading “Prime Minister Prachanda Resigns”

Why Nepal is Divided Over the Sacking of Army Chief?

It’s not so important to ask why the Maoists are sacking the Army Chief as it is to ask why the other parties are apposing this so strongly. Three reasons: By Neil Horning In a democracy, the Army should not be a center of power in the slightest. It is supposed to carry out theContinue reading “Why Nepal is Divided Over the Sacking of Army Chief?”