Happy Republic Day Nepal :)

The Himalayan Republic Celebrates First Republic Day Anniversary [From a year ago: 1. Nepal is Declared a Republic!!! 2. Minute by Minute Account of the Historic Session of the CA that Declared Nepal a Republic Republic Day rally in Pokhara, Nepal. Pic by Krishna Mani Baral The first anniversary of the declaration of federal democraticContinue reading “Happy Republic Day Nepal :)”

Nepal-India Relations: Open Secret Diplomacy

By Bishnu Pathak, PhD Setting: The United Maoist-led Government resigned as of May 4, 2009 and its resignation has been accepted. Almost three weeks back, the senior UML leader, Madhav Kumar Nepal, who failed to win people’s trust in two constituencies he challenged in the last Constituent Assembly (CA) election, was unanimously elected as theContinue reading “Nepal-India Relations: Open Secret Diplomacy”

Madhav Nepal, the Moderate Communist Leader, is the Prime Minister of Nepal

“I announce that Madhav Kumar Nepal has been elected unopposed in the position of Prime Minister as per the Constituent Assembly’s Legislature-Parliament Business Advisory Regulations 2065.” With that declaration from Subash Nemwang, the chair of the CA, today evening the moderate Marxist and Leninist leader became the third communist prime minister in Nepal. MK NepalContinue reading “Madhav Nepal, the Moderate Communist Leader, is the Prime Minister of Nepal”

Madhav Kumar Nepal Set to Become Prime Minister of Nepal

Madhav Kumar Nepal, veteran communist leader of the Himalayan republic who have been tipped to be the prime minister of Nepal several times in the past and lost from both constituencies in the April 2008 CA elections, is finally set to become the third Communist prime minister of Nepal. The leader of the moderate CommunistContinue reading “Madhav Kumar Nepal Set to Become Prime Minister of Nepal”

Iron Man: Conversation With a Press Wallah

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal [This article first appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post. Here is PDF version. Shorter version in Nepali appeared in today’s Kantipur.] This is about this guy whom I have been seeing busy at his work all day, almost every day, since I came here to Jangpura Extension, one of southContinue reading “Iron Man: Conversation With a Press Wallah”

How Maoist-Delhi Relations Soured

The game in the background. How India played a role in the downfall of the first ever democratically elected Maoist government in Nepal. By Akhilesh Upadhyay KATHMANDU- The turn of events that first led to the sacking and reinstatement of Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal exposed that relations between New Delhi and the MaoistsContinue reading “How Maoist-Delhi Relations Soured”

India and Indians: Friends of Two Different Kinds

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal This article appeared in today’s Op-Ed of The Kathmandu Post. Here is PDF of the page Sometimes, I wonder why the official Nepal-India relationship doesn’t become as friendly and earthy as the down-to-earth friendship I enjoy with some Indians here in Delhi. Why doesn’t the bond between the twoContinue reading “India and Indians: Friends of Two Different Kinds”