The Military Coup That Wasnt

UWB Note: The Nepal Army today issued a statement strongly refuting the following report (and the one appeared in today’s Kantipur) as “imaginary and illusionary.” “We would like to let the general public know through this statement that the unified and disciplined Nepali Army is working according to laws and the chain of the commandContinue reading “The Military Coup That Wasnt”

Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana! [Happy New Year 2066!]

Today is 01 Baishak 2066 Change they can believe in: America’s new approach to public diplomacy. Hillary Clinton issues a New Year message to us: Nepali New Year (Bikram Sambat) Message Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State Washington, DC April 13, 2009 To all those around the world who share common Nepali cultural and linguisticContinue reading “Naya Barshako Suba-Kamana! [Happy New Year 2066!]”