Ex-Prince Paras on Nepali Royal Massacre

Eight years after the royal massacre, ex-Crown Prince Paras Bikram Shah talks to the New Paper of Singapore. Why? UWB Note: The exclusive interview has been translated and reproduced by many Nepali media including top selling and most influential newspaeprs in Nepal. That is one of the most read items in newspapers in Nepal todayContinue reading “Ex-Prince Paras on Nepali Royal Massacre”

Nepali Constitution: In search of Excellence

By Prof. Suryabahadur Singh* The experimentation of various types of Constitutions was carried out in Nepal. The country had to experience six more Constitutions until elections to Constituent Assembly, 2065 (2008) were held. It had been observed that, these procedural delay jeopardized the growth of democratic system to a greater extent and derail overall nationalContinue reading “Nepali Constitution: In search of Excellence”

Intellectual Poverty

By Darshan Karki, after attending the David Seddon lecture last week There is a distinct pattern to the workshops, public discussion and lecture series that take place in Kathmandu. Firstly there is the speaker or pundit or whatever name they are called by. They are supposed to have mastered the issue in question. In mostContinue reading “Intellectual Poverty”

BAD: PLA's Reaction to Nepal Army Recruitment

By Lilu Thapa Following the lines of the Nepal Army’s recruitment, the PLA also has started its own recruitment process for the “vacant posts”. How sane is that decision by the Maoist leadership or what will be the extent and effect of this new development is yet to be seen. However, if this new recruitmentContinue reading “BAD: PLA's Reaction to Nepal Army Recruitment”

The Recruitment that Threatens to Derail the Peace Process

For the record: Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) cantonments have started recruiting new soldiers apparently in response to the ongoing recruitment in Nepal Army (NA). Though the Maoist party itself has yet to officially comment on the recruitment, key political parties have come out strongly against the drive saying it violates past pacts, most notablyContinue reading “The Recruitment that Threatens to Derail the Peace Process”

Soldiers Mutiny in Bangladesh: Lessons for Nepal

The incident in Bangladesh should cause a serious concern to the policy makers and the senior officers of the uniformed forces in Nepal as well. By Lilu Thapa The recent mutiny of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) Soldiers in Bangladesh has raised a lot of questions in the security arena. It practically seems to have spreadContinue reading “Soldiers Mutiny in Bangladesh: Lessons for Nepal”