Federalizing the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Officially the former kingdom of Nepal has become the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. But the country hasn’t been federalized yet.

By Bipendra Basnyat

Just came out of an evening of brain storming about Naya Nepal; the idea was to discuss some of the scholarly articles on how can Naya (New) Nepal be “federated”. In other words how can our country be demarked into various states/political regions and can they be socio-economically viable? To figure out what makes sense and what does not? It was indeed a great idea of all the people involved in organizing such an event and a way for us to “Speak Out our Mind”. More than any thing else it was a great opportunity for Nepalese staying abroad to pass on their concerns to the legal entities of Nepal. I applaud the organizer Washington Nepali forum and United States Institute for Peace for providing us this opportunity. Continue reading Federalizing the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal