Nepal Suffers From Cold War Paranoia

Ties with Beijing doesn’t mean alienating Delhi

Chinese foreign minister visits nepal
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi (right) upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, on Tuesday (2 Dec). Jiechi is on a three-day visit to Nepal. On the left is Foreign Minister
Upendra Yadav.

By Akhilesh Upadhyay

Kathmandu has seen a flurry of high-profile visits in recent weeks. None more so than that of Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, who arrived on Tuesday (2 Dec) and his Indian counterpart Pranab Mukhherjee who was here last week.

There is some nervousness in various quarters in Kathmandu about these hectic diplomatic activities and conspiracy theories are doing frenzied rounds. Is the Maoist-led government coming down? Is the peace process falling apart? And worse still, is Nepal turning into a battleground for contending foreign powers, not least India and China, both emerging world powers? The Cold War mind-set continues to haunt.

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