British Belles Bethi (Plant Paddy and Dance)

Saturday photo blog: British girls and boys and locals of Ghattitaar village of Ilam district in eastern Nepal take part in paddy plantation in tune with the Bethi tradition. The tradition has almost disappeared in other parts of the district though it has survived itself in this village. While some farmers are starting to plant paddy in Ilam and some other parts of Nepal, others were seen weeding the paddy in places like Kathmandu valley. Photos by Biplab Bhattarai Continue reading British Belles Bethi (Plant Paddy and Dance)

Covering Bhutanese Refugees in America

Saturday blog: A reporter’s notebook

Bhutanese siblings Dilli Prasad Odari, 20, Man Maya Odari, 25, Yani Maya Odari, 22, stand in the doorway of their Pittsburgh apartment. Pic by Andy Starnes/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Deepak Adhikari

On the chilly winter mornings in Kathmandu, I would nurture a dream. It was not an American Dream per se. But it was in many ways related to America and somehow connected with American Dream. I was gearing up for my maiden tour to America to participate on Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships. And, an interesting development was taking place with a beat I was attached to in Nepal. I had covered the Bhutanese refugee issue for my magazine, writing cover story, visiting the camps and talking to the refugees, watching closely Bhutan’s elections. Continue reading Covering Bhutanese Refugees in America