Saved: A Toddler by a Teenager

A recent photo of Aradhana. All pics by Kul Chandra Neupane

A toddler who fell into the gorge of Seti River in Pokhara on yesterday was rescued after 22 hours by a teenager. About two and a half years old Aradhana Pradhan, daughter of Aarogya Pradhan of Birouta in Pokhara, was rescued by 13-year old local Kamal Nepali today. The toddler was rushed to Gandaki Regional Hospital for treatment. Local army personnel and police officers along with five canyoning team sent from the capital helped in the rescue process. They were mobilised at the site since yesterday for the rescue of the minor, who fell about 60 meters down from the ground following her father. Continue reading Saved: A Toddler by a Teenager