Revolt in Armed Police Force of Nepal

This is a serious incident that took place yesterday in Nepalgunj and hasn’t ended yet. This is a fact that juniors are treated by many seniors very lowly and without any dignity in all security organizations including Nepali Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force. They should learn that juniors are not their slaves. If this incident is instigated by the Maoists as has been suspected because of the pro-Maoist slogans heard in the barracks then that deserves condemnation. We can only hope that this revolt will be an eye-opening for those senior officers in the security organizations. We also hope that this incident will not lead anarchy in the security organizations that demand high level of discipline and command and control but to the reforms within the organizations. Read the following news reports, the first is the latest, to learn more about the incident: Continue reading Revolt in Armed Police Force of Nepal