Strike Oh Strike: What A Plague Upon Us

Did you know that at least five different organizations and groups had separately called the banda (strike) today in Kathmandu ? Well, that could be more or less by a group of two but just a quick reminder: there was strike in Kathmandu yesterday as well called by more than one group. Then there was severe traffic disturbance in certain parts of Kathmandu the day before yesterday.

Today: Public transport in the Bagmati zone came to a grinding halt on Sunday, the second day of the indefinite vehicle strike called by transport entrepreneurs who have rejected the government’s 25 percent increase in transport fares calling it insufficient.No public vehicles were seen plying the roads in Lalitpur, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur districts. Long-distance transportation has also been affected due to the strike in the capital.

At least four strikes – Valley and Nepal bandas — in a month and many more in the making. As if the rest of the country felt left out in the Valley-only transport strike yesterday called by student unions and transporters’ unions. Starting today, the entire country could be hit by chakka jams and road obstructions if transport entrepreneurs have their way and the law continues to look the other way. The transporters and students will have additional company beginning today- petroleum dealers and petro-product carriers, all of them contributing in their own ways to make life more difficult for the man in the street. Besides, eight student unions affiliated to political parties and transport unions like the Federation of National Transport Entrepreneurs (FNTE), Nepal Petroleum Dealers’ Association (NPDA) and Federation of Nepal Petroleum Supply Entrepreneurs (NPSE) will also join the fray today. Continue reading Strike Oh Strike: What A Plague Upon Us