Nepal’s Per Capita Is $470 (Which Still Looks Like a Misprint)

Agriculture growth 14 yr high
By Prem Khanal

Propelled by the a strong growth in both the agriculture and non-agriculture sectors, the long-ailing economy has bounced back to record 5.56 percent growth in the current fiscal year, highest economic expansion in last the seven years. With the growth, the total size of Nepali economy in producers’ price has scaled up to Rs 828.8 billion (US$12.80 billion) while the per capita income has also increased by around 11 percent to Rs 30,361 per year (470 US$). However, with the creeping inflation, which is around 9 percent, the real purchasing capacity of Nepali consumers is estimated to grow marginally in the year. According to a preliminary estimate of national accounts prepared by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), agriculture sector, which contributes 32 percent to national economy, grew by 5.65 percent while the growth of non-agriculture sector was around 5.52 percent. Continue reading Nepal’s Per Capita Is $470 (Which Still Looks Like a Misprint)

Kingdom to Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means
A report by Conflict Study Center

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA) overwhelmingly voted in favor of republicanism by 460 to 4 members. The meeting finally ended at 23.25 hrs on May 28, 2008 ousting the 449 year old Shah Dynasty (initiated by Drabya Shah in 1559). Before voting, Girija Prasad Koirala, Acting Head of State and Prime Minister of the Government of Nepal (GON) tabled a six-point proposal. The proposal says, “Nepal shall turn into an independent, indivisible, secular, inclusive, and federal democratic republic with sovereignty and state authority vested in the people.” The meeting abolished all rights and privileges of the king and his (royal) family members and put them in the same category as common Nepali citizens. The meeting accepted the proposal to direct the GON to drive out ex-king Gyanendra and his personal secretariat from Narayanhiti Royal Palace within 15-days and take care of the safety of national properties remaining inside. The same meeting decided to develop the royal palace into a historical museum. The meeting declared, “Nepal shall mark Jestha 15, 2065 (May 28, 2008) Republic Day every year as per the Nepali calendar. It extended tribute to the martyrs whose sacrifice contributed to bring about republic in Nepal. The proposal scrapped all deviance in constitutional provisions, laws, administrative rules and regulations effective from the same day. The CA also passed a separate bill to make new arrangements for a president as Head of State by amending the Interim Constitution (IC). The President works as the patron of the IC and controls the Nepal Army, but shall mobilize the army and impose emergency upon recommendation of the cabinet. The position of president shall remain until the CA promulgates the New Constitution. Continue reading Kingdom to Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal