Fall of Monarchy in Nepal: Seven Years of the Royal Massacre

Remembering the massacre: 19 Jestha 2058 BS [1 June 2001] was when the monarchy was abolished in Nepal. 15 Jestha 2065 only formalized that.by Dinesh Wagle

Once upon a time when there was still monarchy in Nepal, some seven years ago to be exact, a horrifying incident happened in Narayanhitti palace in Kathmandu that shocked the world. The day, 1 June 2001, was when entire family of the then king Birendra was murdered by god knows whom. We were told that it was Birendra’s son, crown prince Dipendra, who pulled the trigger and killed his parents, sister and others before killing himself but the people are not wiling to buy that argument. Thousands of people, mourning the death and angered by the massacre, came to the streets chanting pro-monarchy slogans. Thousands of males spontaneously shaved their heads, a Hindu way of mourning the death of one’s near ones. Today, exactly seven years after, it seems almost surreal to even think that I was one of those mourners who shaved their heads.

That very day monarchy had died (or been abolished) in Nepal. The abolition was only formalized on 28th May 2008. Continue reading Fall of Monarchy in Nepal: Seven Years of the Royal Massacre