Sadak and Shahid: The Roads in Nepal and a British Minister

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal This article first appeared in today’s Kantipur Koseli in Nepali. Welcome to our village Mr. Minister! We expect you to increase your assistance to us in the coming days and strengthen the already good relationship between out two great nations! Pics by CSK and DW “I didn’t think anythingContinue reading “Sadak and Shahid: The Roads in Nepal and a British Minister”

The Prime Minister Announces Resignation

Breaking blog: Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, the man who led the historic people’s movement of April 2006 and the country during the past two tumultuous years has announced his resignation in a meeting of the Constitution Assembly that is currently taking place in Kathmandu. Koirala was also assuming the role of acting head ofContinue reading “The Prime Minister Announces Resignation”

Saved: A Toddler by a Teenager

A recent photo of Aradhana. All pics by Kul Chandra Neupane A toddler who fell into the gorge of Seti River in Pokhara on yesterday was rescued after 22 hours by a teenager. About two and a half years old Aradhana Pradhan, daughter of Aarogya Pradhan of Birouta in Pokhara, was rescued by 13-year oldContinue reading “Saved: A Toddler by a Teenager”

Revolt in Armed Police Force of Nepal

This is a serious incident that took place yesterday in Nepalgunj and hasn’t ended yet. This is a fact that juniors are treated by many seniors very lowly and without any dignity in all security organizations including Nepali Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force. They should learn that juniors are not their slaves. IfContinue reading “Revolt in Armed Police Force of Nepal”

Strike Oh Strike: What A Plague Upon Us

Did you know that at least five different organizations and groups had separately called the banda (strike) today in Kathmandu ? Well, that could be more or less by a group of two but just a quick reminder: there was strike in Kathmandu yesterday as well called by more than one group. Then there wasContinue reading “Strike Oh Strike: What A Plague Upon Us”

The ‘politics of unity’ in the Democratic Republic of Nepal

The other view on RAM RAJA PRASAD SINGH vs GIRIJA PRASAD KOIRALA for the PRESIDENCY of Nepal By Kanchan Jha History is replete with instances of failure to facilitate the process of democracy. In all these instances, despite the introduction of democracy in Nepal, it became a living proof that the Shah dynasty was anContinue reading “The ‘politics of unity’ in the Democratic Republic of Nepal”

Undiplomatic Diplomats: Primitive Foreign Ambassadors in Nepal

Traditionally, ambassadors bridge cultural and economic gaps, strengthen ties with the country they represent and shun making any kind of political comments in public. The basic job of ambassadors is to get their government’s message across. All diplomats should respect the integrity and sovereignty of the country where they are posted. They must possess theContinue reading “Undiplomatic Diplomats: Primitive Foreign Ambassadors in Nepal”